Thales Communications

Thales Communications is one major branch of Thales Group. Thales Group revenues totaled 12,7 billion Euro, half from the Civilian businesses and half in the Governmental and Defence domains. Within the 60.000 employees worldwide (55.000 in Europe), one third is involved in R&D that totals 1.9 billion Euro (18% of revenues). Thales Communications and security (TCS) revenues reached 1 billion Euros with 4.600 employees. TCS addresses every activity related to telecommunications: wireless communications including, IP networks, satellite communication, network administration, and security. TCS has long experience in very large Information Systems and secure infrastructures for systems and networks, including Internet and Intranets.

TCS also develops a full range of telecommunication platforms and components, a range of high performance security products and has a deep skill in secure telecommunications for public and governmental organizations, emergency services and armies. The laboratory and department of TCS involved in COMOSEF is Advanced Information Technologies (TAI) and the department of the transportation traffic management whose mission is to envision the future approach, architecture and technology for Thales systems within the Systems Engineering and Architecture group.