Public Research Centre Henri Tudor

  Located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (, the Centre de Recherche Public (public research centre) Henri Tudor is a R&D and technology transfer institution. Within the Centre Henri Tudor, SSI (Science Service and Innovation) includes expertise in knowledge management and e-learning, semantic web; conceptual modelling, software quality improvement and quality of services, security; e-business, project management, business and enterprise modelling, innovation network (innovation through technological platforms) and knowledge-based economy. The centre is also conducting research in distributed systems and networks optimisation. CRP Henri Tudor is actively involved in several mobility related project including national and European initiatives to promote multi-modal transport, car-sharing and the efficient deployment of electric vehicles infrastructures.

CRP Henri Tudor consider contributing to the CoMoSeF project along the following main points:

  • Analysis, modelling and deployment of novel data dissemination techniques adapted to the hybrid nature of the network targeted in CoMoSeF especially focusing on the integration of vehicular networks and other ad-hoc networks with conventional networks (3G and others).
  • Analysis and implementation of a service compatibility layer allowing the access to a same service from very different terminals.
  • Improvement of the multi-modal pseudo-real time planning algorithm to provide up to date warnings, forecast and rerouting to the mobile users.