The CoMoSeF Project


Based on the work carried out in the previous Celtic projects (Carlink - Wireless Traffic Service Platform for Linking Cars, WiSafeCar – Wireless Safety Network between Cars) the CoMoSeF project aims to define advanced co-operative mobility use cases, based on user requirements and to produce targeted services for each pilot application to increase traffic safety, traffic fluency and to decrease the amount of accidents and incidents. The applications to be used both by commercial vehicles (taxis, trucks, buses) and private cars will be developed, implemented, tested and ultimately deployed in the various participating countries. The common CoMoSeF architecture and applications, which are based on the latest co-operative mobility standards, will be defined and specified so that they may be used as a starting point, when developing the pilots.

These CoMoSeF pilots with vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication based applications, new networking solutions and services will be implemented at the CoMoSeF sites.

The pilot sites will evaluate and validate the pilots and report how they operate, how the technologies work and how the pilot users react to the alarms, warnings and suggestions provided by the system. Based on the experiences and evaluation results they will plan how their solutions should be further developed towards deployable commercial solutions. In this way new services and products to increase traffic safety and fluency will be available for the end-users at the end of the project. The innovative technologies that will be used in the pilots include among others, WLAN IEEE802.11.p protocols, mobile WiMax, ZigBee, GPRS and LTE networks, vehicle-bus (CAN, OBD-II, etc.), GPS positioning, local maps and low range radios.

Additionally a simulation platform (and environment) will be developed and deployed based on the results of the analysis of the different simulation tools and the defined CoMoSeF services. The simulation environment will be built together with a simulation development team, in conjunction and cooperation with the application and pilot system development.