"Map based intersection collision avodiance system", 10th ITS European Congress June 2014, Helsinki Finland

Gülsüm Çiğdem Çavdaroğlu, Erdem Ergen, "Map based intersection collision avodiance system", 10th ITS European Congress June 2014, Helsinki Finland
Possible accidents caused by the intersections with no traffic control can be prevented by the use of modules integrated to Intelligent Transportation System. Vehicles moving on linear roads can request a data from the map module for the intersections in close range and on their way. Vehicles can share their dynamic data in real-time with the system as well as with the other vehicles in the system. System gather all other cars’ information and evaluate those information against its own information and warn the driver about a possible risk of a collision. There are some rules and filters added to the system so system doesn’t bother drivers with unnecessary information. Prerequisites for the system to warn the driver are; if vehicles are about to intersect in a predefined time period, and if the vehicles are above the certain speed limit. If vehicles are moving on roads where the intersections are by passed with overpasses and underpasses or there are certain road conditions that force the vehicles to slow down prior to meeting then no warning message is generated. Designed system is proven to be successfully producing warning messages when there is only one intersection between the vehicles and vehicle or vehicles exceed the defined parameters in a hazardous way and there is a risk of a collision.