Address. #1-1704 Ace High tech city 55-20, Seoul, 150972, South Korea


UBRIDGE Co. Ltd. has specialty of ubiquitous computing system devices development and commercialization based on the wireless technologies based development and implementation.


The preceded experience about Wireless Car Navigation Device with the several and various communication technologies, specifically WAVE 802.11p is the positive contribution to CoMoSeF project. In addition, a wide variety of nomadic devices, such as Car Navigator, Smart Phone, PAD, etc. worked on is the strength to understand user study in terms of technology. In Seoul, South Korea, UBRIDGE successfully carried out Smart Highway and UTIS which were the government driven ITS project. Further, UBRIDGE has been the consortium member of WiSafeCar and current member of CCC(Car Connectivity Consortium). 
The role of UBRIDGE in CoMoSeF is test-beds set up with refined protocol which is discussed and evaluated on the pilot using U-Link framework based on AllJoyn™ which lets the compatible smart things recognize each other and share resources and information. For user safety and usability, mirroring solution will be used as well.