Mobisoft Oy

 Mobisoft Oy is a Finnish software company that specializes in automated dispatching and wireless data transfer applications for passenger transport. Mobisoft was acquired by DDS Wireless International Inc. in late 2007 and its solutions are available in North America through DDS Wireless’ subsidiaries, Digital Dispatch and StrataGen. Its managed dispatch service is offered as a part of Digital Dispatch’s portfolio of taxi solutions and its transit solution complements StrataGen’s demand response solution.

Mobisoft has 20 years’ experience in automated dispatching and scheduling, GPS and digital map-based routing and location systems, etc., in a number of European countries. The focus has been on real-time scheduling and dispatching for passenger transport, allowing Mobisoft to provide complete systems to address all the needs of taxi companies, local authorities, bus companies – in fact, any transport operator or provider. In addition Mobisoft has developed solutions for sensor data collection and fusion, vehicle software, mobile and WLAN based V2V and V2I communications etc.

The combination of technical development and engineering skills along with many years of real transport experience has enabled Mobisoft to develop highly advanced IT solutions for passenger transport: the TaxiBook automatic booking and dispatching system and the MobiRouter journey combination system. Over three thousand taxis are already controlled using our software in Finland and almost the same number is using the system in other countries. MobiRouter is also the market leader in the United Kingdom for scheduling public Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services. Mobisoft has been involved in more than 15 successful FP4,FP5,FP6 and FP7 projects and is the Co-ordinator of CoMoSeF.